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How AI is making it possible for EdTech to grow

As AI-based technologies like natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation (RPA), and machine learning (ML) become more prominent, AI is having an effect on many industries. Statista says that the global market for artificial intelligence (AI) software would develop quickly and reach USD 126 billion by 2025. 

A lot of AI is being used in the field of education. A Markets and Markets analysis says that the global market for AI in education is estimated to reach $3.68 billion by 2023. This shouldn't be a surprise, given all the ways AI may be used in education, especially as online learning grows more popular. There are an infinite amount of use cases, whether it's for information distribution, evaluation, or other tools that make learning better. Personalized learning paths:

When it comes to learning, everyone is interested in and driven by different things. In the past, the curriculum has always been rather conventional, mostly because it was nearly hard to change it based on each person's tastes and talents. With AI, it's feasible to make custom-tailored learning courses by watching, analyzing, and making predictions about the learner's behaviour. AI makes it feasible to find learning gaps based not only on exam scores but also on nonverbal cues like facial expressions and behaviour in the classroom. This can make people more interested and focused, and help them remember what they've learned better. People with special needs or who study slowly can benefit the most from personalised learning experiences since they can set their own pace and make sure they know the same amount as everyone else.

Automatic tests and grades:

Automation technologies not only make it possible to grade quantitative exams like multiple-choice questions automatically, but they also make it possible to grade essay-based tests in a qualitative way. This not only saves teachers a lot of time on grading and tests, but also makes it impossible for them to be unfair or favour some students by accident. 

Also, the enormous amounts of evaluation data can assist people understand how effective learning programmes are as a whole for a group and change how curriculums are made. 

AI teachers' helpers:

In an online classroom, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence can help teachers. For example, they can help answer simple questions and reinforce ideas. During the learning process, these AI tutors can also set up various checkpoints in real time to assist pupils see how well they comprehend. AI tools can assist teachers make up for the fact that they can't always be there for their kids and only have so much time. Since these resources are always available to students, they are free to use them whenever they want to improve their understanding.Also, these AI-tutors can let teachers know about any learning gaps so they can take the actions needed to help all pupils catch up. 

Making it easier to do administrative and other tasks:

AI tools can do more than only save teachers time by doing things like grading for them. They can also do things that have nothing to do with teaching. For example, AI can take care of everything related to keeping track of student attendance, so teachers can focus on what they do best: teaching. AI can also help with enrollment and admissions, making additional resources available. 

As AI gets smarter, teachers will be able to totally rethink the way students learn and design powerful experiences that help students remember things and pay attention. In the future, learning will be based on highly personalised learning paths that are tightly linked to each person's goals and skills. With the right AI tools, EdTech companies have a chance to change the way people learn in the future and how they learn in general.  

If you own, intend to own or are in the board or leadership of an EdTech organisation and wish to implement AI in your organization or department, then reach out to us to understand how we can help you stay ahead of the curve and competition. 

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