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Anna Murray is appointed by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan as the Global Head of Sustainable


The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board (OTPP), one of Canada's largest investors with over 240 billion dollars in assets under management, has appointed Anna Murray as Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Sustainable Investing.

Murray comes to OTPP from Sun Life Capital (SLC), where she served as Global Head of ESG, integrating ESG risk management and value creation practices into investment decisions and management across the firm's investment platform. In addition, she served as the Global Head of ESG at Sun Life's real estate investment management consultant, BentallGreenOak.

Murray, as part of the Investment Division of Total Fund Management, will collaborate closely with top management and investment teams across the business to guide Ontario Teachers' aim to generate "a lasting beneficial effect while delivering wealth for members."

Murray will be responsible for executing the fund's climate strategy and net-zero ambitions, improving its approach to impact investing and supervising corporate governance operations, such as proxy voting and public company interactions, in her new position. Murray will also manage the ongoing integration of ESG into the investment process of OTPP.

OTPP has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions from investment activities by 2050 and has recently announced intermediate goals to cut portfolio emissions by 45 percent by 2025 and 67 percent by 2030, relative to 2019 levels.

OTPP Chief Investment Officer Ziad Hindo commented:

"Sustainable investing is an important component of Ontario Teachers' strategy because it delivers good real-world benefits and supports the creation of long-term wealth for our members. We look forward to Ms. Murray and her team assisting us in meeting our impact-related goals, as well as continuing to improve our strategy and build on our sustainable investing leadership."

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