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Digital Transformation : Key to run Successful Organisations

Organizations nowadays focus on taking a Bionic approach that combines both human and digital capabilities to implement digital transformation for the future. The concept of digital transformation was introduced long before but covid-19 made it surge forward to reach customers with good agility, speed, and accurate decision making. As per the BCG survey, nearly 5000 managers and 80 percent of employees who participated in the survey voted for Digital transformation since supported the economic crisis created by the pandemic. For most companies, digital transformation is still a future but many have initiated it to provide end-to-end transformations that improve their ability to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Factors that support a successful digital transformation

As per the records, nearly 70 percent of the company fails while performing a digital transformation. So to achieve a greater success rate the organizations must get six important factors right. With these factors, an organization can create a Bionic transformation that can be applied in all aspects of their business. The factors include,

● Clear transformation goals with integrated solutions

The success of an organization and transformation depends upon the strategies used by them during its progression. For example, a clearly defined good set of gold can support the success of the company with ideas that might pave way for the future with small milestones.

● Advanced leadership commitment from both CEO and low-level managers

A perfect leader can create an exciting and engagement-based environment for the employees during the transformation process. Both the executive team and see you must focus on their commitment to the organization to secure the positions of their employees in the future.

● Implementing high-level talent-based employees

After transformation, it is necessary to appoint well-educated career-oriented employees to ensure the proper mix of digital and organizational experience within the team. So instead of reducing the available employees bring in some well-experienced candidates to improve and expand the organization in the future.

● Using modular technology with advanced data-driven strategies to lead the business.

A perfect organization has advanced data backup that supports its decisions and analysis. Data transformation is all about creating a proper data backup that allows you to make strategic decisions that might improve the position of the business in the market

● Advanced monitoring of the outcomes and progressions

Monitoring both the outcomes of the organizations and their progress is essential to understanding the issues. Having proper backup data support can analyze the issue to create strategy-based decisions to clear and quantify the transformation goals.

● Broader mindset for adaptation and governance.

With constant upgrades along with modular and interoperable technology systems, digital transformation can be a walk in the park that meets business needs.


Transformation is not a simple process. It requires constant patience for it to be successful and sustainable. The organization must focus on the outcomes to maintain its space in the market and make changes based on the failure. Nowadays with technology improved everywhere, it is necessary to upgrade your organization through digital transformation. Digital transformation might seem like a simple procedure but in reality, it requires a lot of your time and energy but benefits your organization in the future. So, to implement digital transformation for a better future.

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