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Euronext Introduces Indices for investing for a Strong Gender Equality Performance

Euronext, a provider of European market infrastructure, announced the launch of two new indices designed to give investors exposure to companies with strong gender equality performance. According to Euronext, the index will be the first of a more prominent family of indices addressing gender parity issues in the workplace.

Euronext stated that the new indices were developed in response to an increase in demand for "Social" thematic investments, as well as to address UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 (Gender Equality).

Camille Leca, Euronext's Head of ESG, stated:

"The introduction of these indexes reflects the business culture and values of Euronext. Our organization is naturally varied and inclusive, and we view all forms of diversity as a crucial success factor for our federal model. We are always innovating our products and services to suit investors' high demand and ESG transition requirements."

The new indices, Euronext Equileap Gender Equality Eurozone 100 and Euronext Equileap Gender Equality France 40, will contain 100 and 40 Eurozone and French enterprises, respectively, that have been evaluated as playing a significant role in advancing gender equality.

Companies are selected for inclusion based on scores provided by Equileap, a source of gender equality-focused data and insights. Companies are assessed in four categories, including gender parity in leadership and workforce, fair pay and work-life balance, policies encouraging gender equality, commitment, transparency, and accountability. In addition to activity-based exclusions and UNGC compliance, the index also excludes problematic activities.

Diana van Maasdijk, CEO at Equileap, said:

"It looks like high-performing companies that care about gender equality in the workplace also care about other key ESG criteria. Now, investors who want to create a society where women have equal employment opportunities can use these indices to support high-quality, high-performing companies."

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