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HCL Tech Launches Sustainability School to Provide ESG Training to All 220,000 Employees

HCL Tech, a global IT services provider, has introduced the HCLTech Sustainability School and its first climate literacy learning series. The school is being pushed out to more than 220,000 employees, with the aim of enhancing their knowledge of ESG.

Axa Climate developed the new series to educate employees on how they may contribute to the efforts of governments, NGOs, and businesses to address the causes of climate change. The course will cover threats to biodiversity, the exploitation of natural resources, and the impact on livelihoods across geographical regions, as well as help participants, understand how to reduce their own carbon footprints and examine innovative methods for reducing carbon emissions within HCLTech and with its clients.

The new climate series, according to HCLTech, aims to cultivate "sustainable champions" among the company's global workforce.

As corporations' desire for assistance with sustainability, ESG, and climate challenges develops, a number of professional services organizations have launched plans to upskill their staff. This year, Deloitte launched a new learning program to enhance its employees' skills and capabilities on climate and sustainability issues, PwC disclosed that it has provided ESG training to 100,000 employees as part of its New Equation strategy, and Bain launched a major upskilling initiative to provide postgraduate-level ESG training to all of its global consultants.

Santhosh Jayaram, Head of Global Sustainability at HCLTech, stated

"HCLTech Sustainability School provides more evidence of our environmental dedication. It will teach HCLTech employees about climate change and its effects on their lives. After completing the training, our employees can act responsibly in their homes and workplaces and take simple steps to decrease their carbon footprints. Our employees can be our greatest sustainability advocates, and this learning series will equip them with the tools they need to be change agents within the firm and in their own communities."

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