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Launch of ESG Data and Analytics Solution by Cognizant

Cognizant, a provider of professional services, has announced the launch of Cognizant Sustainability Accelerator, a new sustainability data and analytics tool designed to enable businesses to track and act on their sustainability goals.

Sophia Mendelsohn, the Chief Sustainability Officer of Cognizant, stated:

"As Chief Sustainability Officer, I see the importance of reducing data and reporting so businesses can focus on strategy. This new solution is intended to assist our clients in doing so."

Cognizant announced that it is expanding its relationship with Microsoft via the new solution, which is powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. It employs Microsoft Sustainability Manager to automate the gathering, analysis, and reporting of clients' sustainability initiatives. The solution, according to Cognizant, integrates IoT and data analytics with Microsoft's cloud capabilities.

At the COP27 climate summit, the corporations are jointly presenting innovative solution.

Anna Elango, EVP, of Core Technologies and Insights at Cognizant, stated:

"The Cognizant Sustainability Accelerator, which is built on the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, is meant to greatly accelerate the deployment of data collecting and visualization for sustainability. This, combined with Cognizant's expertise in sustainability advice, will assist clients in identifying, prioritizing, automating, optimizing, and reporting on sustainability actions."

Last year, Microsoft released Cloud for Sustainability, a set of Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies designed to help businesses record, report, reduce, and replace their emissions more efficiently. Microsoft announced the general availability of Cloud for Sustainability and its integration with Sustainability Manager, a new solution that unifies data intelligence and provides organizations with an increasingly automated view of the emissions impact of their entire operations and value chain, earlier this year.

Elisabeth Brinton, Vice President of Sustainability at Microsoft, stated:

Our collaboration with Cognizant's Sustainability practice to bring the innovative Cognizant Sustainability Accelerator to market will provide customers with data-driven insights to help them make decisions and implement digital solutions that will enable them to measure and report on their sustainability goals and progress accurately.

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