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LeapFrog Investments Introduces Investment Strategy for Climate Mitigation & Adaptation

The impact-focused investment firm LeapFrog announced the introduction of a new Climate Investment Strategy designed to promote businesses and technologies that enable climate change mitigation and adaptation in lower-income communities.

The company stated that its new strategy will concentrate on companies that offer cost-competitive green products, technologies, and services in emerging markets, including solutions such as pay-as-you-go rooftop solar, distributed energy systems, two-wheeler electric vehicles, and smart farming practices.

LeapFrog stated that it intends to collaborate with entrepreneurs from both developed and developing nations to increase access to these green technologies in order to enhance living conditions and safeguard the environment.

Dr. Andy Kuper, LeapFrog's founder, and CEO stated:

In the coming decades, navigating a just transition – where economic inclusion and carbon emissions reduction go hand in hand – will be a big challenge for governments, NGOs, and investors. It is a special focus of COP 27 this year. Too little attention has been focused on satisfying the requirements of new customers and ensuring that the move to clean technology is also a transition to a higher standard of life for all."

Additionally, LeapFrog announced the appointment of Nakul Zaveri as Partner and co-leader of the new strategy. Zaveri joins LeapFrog from Relativity Investment Management, a sustainability-focused growth private equity firm, where he served as Managing Partner.

Zaveri said:

"I am thrilled to be joining LeapFrog to contribute to expanding its climate investing strategy. I believe that developing markets are fast migrating to business models that not only address the dangers and possibilities posed by climate change but also offer creative and digitally enabled solutions to aid emerging customers with climate adaptation."

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