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Real Assets ESG Consultancy Evora Global Hires Pradeep Menon as President

Evora Global, a UK-based sustainability consulting and services organization specializing in real estate, has appointed Pradeep Menon as President.

According to the company, the appointment, which follows a recent investment round headed by Bridges Fund Management, is intended to assist Evora in expanding its business to serve clients in the Real Estate and Infrastructure markets.

Chris Bennett, co-founder, and chief executive officer of Evora, stated:

"We are living in unusual times, which calls for unprecedented measures to combat the impending climate calamity. We will be able to expedite our aim to bring a low-carbon economy to the real asset markets due to Pradeep's vast knowledge and exceptional track record. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with Pradeep to accomplish our goals."

Prior to joining Evora Global, Menon led Refinitiv's content, analytics, and workflow solutions for asset owners, asset managers, and investment bankers as Managing Director, Investment & Advisory.

He will be responsible for global customer coverage, revenue, product development, and technology in his new position. Menon will also be named to Evora Global's board of directors, based in New York.

Evora was founded in 2011 and has since created its own ESG software platform, which is installed in thousands of places worldwide to assist investment and building managers in managing their climate risks. The platform analyses biological climate risk data alongside other compiled ESG data, such as carbon emissions, to enable users to understand an asset's risks and opportunities on a single platform, develop portfolio resilience, and make data-driven investment decisions.

The company recently partnered with Singapore-based sustainability consulting firm Paia Consulting to extend its presence in Asia. It also intends to expand into the North American market, noting a strong increase in demand for its services.

Menon said:

"Chris and his team at Evora have created an outstanding firm that assists Real Asset sector participants in quantifying their carbon impact. I am thrilled to join Evora to assist clients in addressing the climate crisis."

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