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Schneider Electric Supports a $500 Million Climate

Industrial Technology Venture Capital Fund

SE Ventures, a venture capital firm linked with Schneider Electric, has announced the formation of a €500 million fund designed to accelerate funding for climate and industrial innovation firms.

The new fund, which Schneider Electric backs, will target "category-defining startups" in climate tech, industrial AI, mobility, prop-tech, and cybersecurity. The fund will commence distribution in January 2023.

SE Ventures' Global Head and Managing Partner, Amit Chaturvedi, stated:

Together, SE Ventures and Schneider Electric are investing in large, innovative concepts that accelerate the global sustainability agenda and improve business outcomes.

The new fund is SE Ventures' second, following the debut of Fund I in 2018, and takes the investor's total committed capital to $1 billion.

Since its inception, SE Ventures has invested in over 40 firms, seven venture capital funds, and an additional 200 startups through partnerships.

Chaturvedy and General Partners Grant Allen and Varun Jain lead SE Ventures.

With the launch of the new fund, SE Ventures intends to grow its global staff, the company said.

Schneider Electric's Chief Innovation Officer, Nadège Petit, stated:

"Our world is confronting challenges on three fundamental levels: energy, economy, and the environment. Never before has there been a greater need for transformation or a bigger possibility for positive influence — impact that we achieve by innovating in three key ways: electrification, digitalization, and decarbonization."

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