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Volvo Delivers First Trucks With Steel Made Without Fossil Fuels

Volvo Trucks stated that it has begun exporting electric trucks containing steel made without using fossil fuels to clients, making it the world's first truck manufacturer to do so.

The steelmaking industry is one of the largest emitters of CO2 in the world, with total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) accounting for 7% to 9% of direct emissions from fossil fuels worldwide.

The fossil-free steel used in the vehicles is supplied by the Swedish steel producer SSAB and is manufactured with fossil-free electricity and hydrogen using a novel method. Volvo and SSAB formed a partnership last year with the goal of manufacturing automobiles made from steel that is free of fossil fuels. Volvo will get its first shipment of fossil-free steel from SSAB in August 2021.

Senior Vice President of Product Management at Volvo Trucks, Jessica Sandstrom, stated:

"On our path to net-zero emissions, we will operate our vehicles without fossil fuels and gradually replace the materials in our trucks with fossil-free and recyclable equivalents."

In September of this year, Volvo became the first firm to accomplish a series of production of heavy-duty electric, 44-tonne trucks. In 2020, Volvo will introduce its portfolio of heavy-duty electric vehicles, and the business will be the first to achieve serial production of heavy-duty electric, 44-tonne trucks. The company stated that some of the electric trucks would use steel that does not include fossil fuels.

The steel is initially being utilized in truck frame rails, and when its availability improves, it will be incorporated into additional truck components.

Amazon signed a deal with Volvo for 20 heavy-duty electric trucks last month. Amazon, DFDS, and Unilever will all get trucks made with steel that doesn't come from fossil fuels through Simon Loos, a company that helps ship goods.

Amazon's Vice President of Transportation Services Europe, Andreas Marschner, stated:

"Amazon is on track to make all of its activities carbon-neutral by 2040. We require partners like Volvo to facilitate this change."

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